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  • This course provides an introduction to the Financial Intelligence Act and is recommended for all bank consultants.

  • Introduction to SmartHR gives students a basic overview of the capabilities of the application
  • This course provides the knowledge and skills for candidate assessors to become accredited assessors so that they can assess learners in terms of specified learning outcomes .

    This learning programme is developed in accordance with SAQA Unit Standard 115753 on NQF Level 5, accumulating 15 credits.

    Those who achieve this unit standard will be able to plan and conduct assessments in their own field of expertise.

  • This course gives a junior manager insight into management activities involved in running a successful business. The basic activities involved in the management process are explained. The main tasks required of managers are identified and explained. The junior manager needs to examine ways of applying the decision making process to making management decisions. Finally, the application of the general management functions in a municipality are analysed.

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